UpdatedThursday December 5, 2019 byTSC.


  • Divisions- Divisions will be formed following school grade rather than year of birth.  Date range will be from December 1, 20xx – November 30, 20xx.  This follows most school district age cutoffs for most of Long Island.

  • Team Requests- Team requests will be limited to the 1st (first) 6 (Six) requests for a specific team.  All Team requests must be made at the time of registration prior to December 31, 2019.  No requests will be considered after that date.  NO REQUESTS ARE GUARANTEED

  • Email Requests- Absolutely NO EMAIL REQUESTS WILL BE CONSIDERED.

  • Number of players-Teams will be capped at 12 players per team

  • Tournament Teams-Any Coach/player that is part of a tournament team will play up 1 division.

  • Refunds- In order for anyone to receive a refund, the insurance must be accepted at time of registration. 

  • Early Bird Registration- $10 discount when registering before December 31, 2019

  • Multi-Player discount-Discount applies automatically to any registration of 2 or more registrants.  Players must be registered at the same time for discount to be applied.

  • Season- Season will run from Saturday April 4, 2020 through Saturday June 13, 2020.  Any Saturday games that are cancelled will be automatically rescheduled for the next morning (Sunday) when feasible.

  • Coaching-All Coaches MUST have a valid CPR/AED certification by March 1st 2020 (Certification must include a hands on practical test and recognized as a workplace approved course.  Online only Courses will not be accepted)

  • Coaching Credit-All Coaches that volunteer to coach a team in the 2020 Spring season can receive a credit for registration for the Fall 2020 Season (Only 1 Credit will be issued regardless of number of teams Coached, Must be requested by email prior to player registration for the 2020 Fall season)

  • Above all subject to change without notice

  • Divisions and Teams may be changed at any time

  • Game Times, Dates and Fields are subject to change